Creators Lab

Creator’s Lab

Creators’ Lab is the place where new content is being created during Immersive Tech Week. This way we facilitate the development of XR storytelling and give European XR creators an extra push in the back.

Together with Cinedans LAB and Design Academy Eindhoven we have selected two projects whom we are providing with tech, developers and mentors to make a leap in their project.

This year the creators are Margherita Landi and the Blies Brothers.

The Blies Brothers

The Blies Brothers (Stéphane Hueber-Blies & Nicolas Blies) are two French multimedia artists and filmmakers. They used the Cinedans VRLab as initial research for their new project ‘The Taste of Unbalance’: a poetic, choreographed walk in virtual space. VR in combination with AI makes you aware of your own way of walking by emphasizing the synchronous and asynchronous nature of your footsteps.

Margherita Landi

Margherita Landi is a choreographer and video maker. Since 2014, she has been involved in research on the body and new technologies and how the relationship between the two transforms many common human rituals. During the Cinedans VRLab, Margherita researched the implementation of VR within the Laban notation system, a dance notation system invented by the dancer, choreographer and theoretician Rudolf von Laban in the first half of the 20th century.