Tracks Enterprise Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Enterprises worldwide are poised for a remarkable transformation as they embrace the capabilities of XR technologies. In this convergence of innovation and immersive technology, we redefine the future landscape of both business and consumer experiences.

Our track brings together a variety of sessions and workshops carefully chosen by industry experts. Each session is designed to peel back the layers of XR and unveil its transformative potential within the enterprise sphere.

Audience: Enterprise leaders, IT professionals, developers, innovators, executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, XR enthusiasts




Track Partners

Global XR Community

STC Group




HTC Vive



Church of VR

Transcend into the virtual world

Church of VR has been at the forefront of XR storytelling, constantly pushing boundaries. Step into the holy grail of immersive experiences at the Church of VR. Experience storytelling in its most innovative and immersive way. Dive into the best immersive works of the year and become part of the world’s most daring adventures. The only limitation, is your imagination.

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Ontdek de nieuwste tech: AR, VR en meer - jouw gratis techbestemming! | Explore the latest tech: AR, VR, and more - your free tech destination

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