Programme Friday 1 December

Creative Industries, Media, Arts, and Performing Arts

Experience the grand finale of Immersive Tech Week with a focus on the creative industries, art, and performing arts. Immerse yourself in the fascinating intersection of Immersive Technology and Performing Arts through a dedicated symposium that will unravel how technology and creativity converge to create mesmerising performances that push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Step into the captivating world of Creator’s Lab, where visionary artists and innovators unveil their latest masterpieces. Engage in lively discussions and uncover the transformative power of AI in the realm of arts and immersive storytelling. Discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionising the creative process, paving the way for astonishing narratives and captivating experiences.

More Programme

Wednesday 29 November

Education, Enterprise, and AI

Get ready for an action-packed Wednesday! Trade Show, Church of VR and Playground burst to life, offering an immersive wonderland with mind-boggling experiences and cutting-edge technology to discover.

Thursday 30 November

Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Mental Health

Get ready to be mesmerised as the VR Awards take center stage in a spectacular award ceremony. The ITW conference will have dedicated tracks on Healthcare & Well-being, AI and brain computer interfaces.