Quantum Bar Project

10 minutes 6DoF

Eager to serve engaging conversations, the Quantum Bar’s AI bartender is always happy to hear what’s on his visitors’ minds.

To provide social VR users with attention and care – even if none of their human friends can be found online – we have opened the Quantum Bar in an oversized quantum computer floating in space in the Neos Metaverse. While sentiment detection is used to steer lights and colors in the bar, its GPT-3 driven bartender Quantum offers intriguing conversations in human language.

After ten minutes the user is gifted with a summary card to mark the end of the experience.

LOCATION: Neos Metaverse
PROJECT LEAD: Christina ‘XaosPrincess’ Kinne
TECHNICAL DIRECTOR: Marius ‘Kreolis’ Anger
AI AVATAR ANIMATIONS: Guillermo ‘Guillefix’ Valle-PĂ©rez
LOGIX PROGRAMMING: Jerad ‘Sirkitree’ Bitner
PERFORMANCE OPTIMIZATION: Alexander ‘AlienInArea51’ Grobe