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Join us in Rotterdam to explore VR, AR, AI, haptics, Web4, and more. Connect with industry visionaries. Unlock boundless opportunities, new knowledge, and shape your tomorrow!

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VRDays Foundation

de Doelen

City of Rotterdam

Creative Europe MEDIA

Co-funded by the European Union


Wednesday 29 November

Education, Enterprise, and AI

Get ready for an action-packed Wednesday! Trade Show, Church of VR and Playground burst to life, offering an immersive wonderland with mind-boggling experiences and cutting-edge technology to discover.

Thursday 30 November

Healthcare, Life Sciences, and Mental Health

Get ready to be mesmerised as the VR Awards take center stage in a spectacular award ceremony. The ITW conference will have dedicated tracks on Healthcare & Well-being, AI and brain computer interfaces.

Friday 1 December

Creative Industries, Media, Arts, and Performing Arts

Experience the grand finale with a focus on the creative industries, art, and performing arts. Step into the captivating world of Creator’s Lab, where visionary artists and innovators unveil their latest masterpieces.


10 Focus Tracks

Our programme unfolds across ten focus tracks, each diving deep into a specific aspect of immersive technology. Whether you're passionate about Enterprise, Education, Healthcare, Arts, Creative Industries, Media, Policy, Sustainability, Ethical Considerations, or AI, we've got you covered. There's something for everyone in this vibrant tech landscape.

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Discover all at ITW 2023

Immersive Tech Week isn't just another conference; it's a thrilling festival of innovation, imagination and creativity. Dive into the world of VR, AR, AI and many more new technologies. Explore interactive installations, try-out new hardware and headsets and learn from industry pioneers. Join us for a celebration of the extraordinary, where the future comes to life like never before!

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Guided Tours

Join professionals from all over the world for an unforgettable week of innovation, networking and unlock knowledge and insights that will give you a competitive edge in your industry. Our industry tours are designed to provide you with in-depth experiences and insider knowledge that you won't find anywhere else.

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Featured 2023 Partners & Exhibitors


HTC Vive

Hogeschool Rotterdam


Unbound XR

360 Fabriek


VR Expert






House of Esports

Greenpill Technologies

SwissGames / Pro Helvetia


Uvisan Limited






Over the Reality



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