Immersive Tech Week is a unique festival where creativity, innovation, business, research and art meet to connect and explore the possibilities of immersive technologies and their impact on our planet, culture, and society.

A three day adventure filled with experiences, talks, round tables, workshops and more. Where industry leaders, XR enthusiasts, academics, start-ups, scale-ups and policy makers from all over the world unite to get inspired, share knowledge, find new opportunities and make connections.

Immersive Tech Week brings together professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, researchers, students, and tech enthusiasts from various industries to facilitate networking, connections and collaboration, foster innovation, increase public awareness, and promote ethical discussion on the development of XR and advocate responsible development of immersive technologies. With our Church of VR, Impulse and Creators lab project ITW is a platform to drive creation, exposure, investment and distribution and dissemination for new works, applications and projects.

To achieve this we cooperate with our partners best as possible. Immersive Tech Week is made possible thanks to the support of our Founding Partners: de Doelen, the City of Rotterdam, Creative Europe MEDIA and our Partners and Exhibitors from the industry, academic and art world. Together with them and all our media and Supporting Partners we are able to reach as many people as possible to help fullfil our mission best as possible. In 2022 and 2023 the festival managed to bring together more than 5000 professionals, artists, students and general public with over 80 nationalities and more than 100 companies at de Doelen.

Through a dynamic festival experience that integrates business, research, and art, we unite and empower individuals to shape the future, creating a better world through the fusion of technology and creativity.

Sustainability and Inclusivity Statement

At the VRDays Foundation, we are deeply committed to fostering a sustainable and inclusive future for the XR community, industry and our event. We recognise the immense potential of XR as a transformative technology and the responsibility we have in help shaping a better world through our own choices and actions.

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