Trade Show INTRODUCING THE XR ARENA Exhibitor's Demo Stage

Be part of the future of immersive technology at our XR Arena Stage, positioned at the heart of the trade show floor. This exclusive platform offers exhibitors a premium opportunity to show how their XR solutions help businesses become better, faster, more profitable, and stronger.

Note: Only exhibitors at the trade show floor can book a slot for the XR Arena.

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For the first time, exhibitors have the chance to secure stage time (10 mins, 30 mins, and/or half day demos) at the XR Arena, amplifying their brand presence and gaining exposure on the trade show floor. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to showcase your XR solutions and drive business growth.

Reserve your demo slot now and be part of shaping the future of immersive technology at Immersive Tech Week Trade Show 2024. Get in touch with our sales team to secure your spot and elevate your brand presence!

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