ITW Focus Tracks


With five sectoral tracks this year we zoom in on XR’s impact on crucial sectors like Healthcare, Education, Training & Learning, People & XR Skills, Creative Industries, and Media, Gaming & Entertainment. From surgery simulations to reshaping the educational landscape, each track serves as a window into the transformative power of XR showcasing real-world applications and business solutions.


This track explores XR solutions in healthcare and their impact on the future of patient care and medical practices.

Audience: Healthcare professionals, researchers, innovators, technologists, designers

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People & XR Skills

Learn from the pioneers who've already conquered this realm, get insights that matter, and discover the proof that'll get you into the sector.

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Creative Industries

This track highlights the diverse and transformative potential of XR in Creative Industries, promising continued innovation and evolution in the cultural field.

Audience: Artists, art students, researchers, producers, creatives, art enthusiasts

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Media, Gaming & Entertainment

This track charts the integration of XR technologies into media, gaming, and entertainment industries, steering innovation and shaping the future of experiences.

Audience: Game developers, media & entertainment producers, Storytellers & narrative designers, content distributors and marketers

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