10 Focus Tracks


With five sectoral tracks this year we zoom in on XR’s impact on crucial sectors like Healthcare, Education, Enterprise, Arts & Culture, and Media, Gaming & Entertainment. From surgery simulations to reshaping the educational landscape, each track serves as a window into the transformative power of XR showcasing real-world applications and business solutions.


This track showcases the diverse applications of XR in sectors like construction, architecture, maritime, among others, promising transformative innovations as technology evolves.

Audience: Enterprise leaders, IT professionals, developers, innovators, executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, XR enthusiasts

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This track explores XR solutions in healthcare and their impact on the future of patient care and medical practices.

Audience: Healthcare professionals, researchers, innovators, technologists, designers

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Media, Gaming & Entertainment

This track charts the integration of XR technologies into media, gaming, and entertainment industries, steering innovation and shaping the future of experiences.

Audience: Creatives, researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts working within the creative industries

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Arts and Culture

This track highlights the diverse and transformative potential of XR in Arts & Culture, promising continued innovation and evolution in the cultural and creative industries.

Audience: Artists, art students, researchers, producers, creatives, art enthusiasts

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Our exploration never stops. The cross-sectoral tracks are strategically designed to give you a multi-perspective view of how XR technology engages with our daily lives and the human experience. It’s not just about understanding; it’s about matching and meeting the people you don’t usually encounter. Get ready to step out of your own bubble and enter the unknown. This journey is a direct invitation to broaden your horizons and be prepared to challenge preconceptions. As we navigate the ever-evolving landscape of XR technology, be ready to confront the unfamiliar and embrace the impact it has on our interconnected world.

Public Values

This track delves into the regulations governing technology, the ethical use of emerging innovations, and the imperative of sustainable development.

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People & XR Skills

Learn from the pioneers who've already conquered this realm, get insights that matter, and discover the proof that'll get you into the sector.

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