Blog Industry Partnerships and Exhibitors Announcement by ITW 2023

Rotterdam, 10th Nov – Immersive Tech Week (ITW), the XR industry’s most highly anticipated XR event of the year, is getting ready to transform de Doelen in Rotterdam into a hub of visionary technology. The event promises to unite the industry’s top minds and offer attendees hands-on experience of the latest hardware innovations in the XR universe. Organised by the VRDays Foundation, the festival is excited to announce its esteemed partners and exhibitors, fostering a convergence of industry, innovation, and knowledge. Renowned names such as Meta, Unbound XR, Niantic, HTC VIVE, PICO, TNO, City of Rotterdam, Hogeschool Rotterdam, 360Fabriek, XR from Spain, XR HUB Bavaria, VR Expert, Euromersive, F6S, and many other notable collaborators will play a pivotal role in this extraordinary festival.

ITW 2023 promises to bring together the finest companies, innovators, and visionaries in the XR field, creating a unique platform for attendees to explore, discover, and experience the latest advancements in AR and VR solutions and hardware hands-on. Pierre-Stuart Rostain, Head of Partnerships at VRDays Foundation, organisers of ITW, states the support of these partners and exhibitors represents a collective force of innovation at a pivotal moment in the XR industry’s evolution and spurs ITW’s mission to unite diverse voices and catalyse innovation within the immersive tech industry:

There are only a handful of XR events in the world that have tangible global impact, and we are proud to be one of them. But what really makes ITW stand out, especially in Europe, is our holistic approach to the XR industry. The trade show, the conferences, the playground with demos for the general public, the Church of VR art expo showcasing the most creative and innovative in immersive storytelling, the EuroXR scientific conference, the AIXR VR Awards, all of this is happening at Immersive Tech Week Rotterdam. And this is all thanks to our domestic and international partners.

In a rapidly evolving XR landscape, Immersive Tech Week 2023 promises to be the epicentre of innovation, networking, and inspiration. Don’t miss your chance to be part of this transformative experience.