Blog Kick-off Event Recap Our community uniting and gearing up

The ITW 2023 Kick-off event on October 4th 2024 was an outstanding success, thanks to our dedicated attendees who not only made the event a triumph but also rejuvenated our team with an infectious sense of energy and excitement. We are thrilled to witness the positive momentum surging through our program. A spectacular night with more than 70 enthusiastic attendees, 4 inspiring guest speakers, and an electric atmosphere.

Remarkable Growth of Impact

In a remarkably short span of time, we’ve experienced tremendous growth and impact. The caliber of our guest speakers, the overwhelming response to our open calls and the astounding increase in applications for the Hogeschool Rotterdam hackathon have been nothing short of spectacular. We received a staggering 170 applications, compared to just 50 last year. This growth reflects the increasing enthusiasm for our program.


Community Engagement

We are particularly heartened by the increased engagement from the local community, with more Rotterdam residents eager to contribute to our mission. Initiatives like DutchXR and Immersive Hub Rotterdam are finding a platform within our programme, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving us forward.

Building a Movement

Together, we are forging a powerful movement, and your involvement lies at the heart of our progress. The ITW 2023 Kick-off was just the beginning of an exciting journey.