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At Immersive Tech Week’s conferences experts, thought-leaders and visionaries share their latest insights and inspiring examples on the latest trends and advancements in the XR field and beyond. Learn to shape the future & maximise benefits of immersive tech for business, research, art and the world around us.

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Programme 2023


Over the past 8 years, the use of XR (Extended Reality) has seen exponential growth across various industries. Immersive Tech Week is dedicated to uniting the XR community and curating an enticing and engaging program for professionals impacted by the rapid developments in immersive technology, both today and in the foreseeable future.

Our conferences delve into compelling and time-sensitive topics within the XR landscape, spatial computing, haptics, and web3, while examining the societal and environmental impacts of immersive technologies. Our tracks are thoughtfully designed to inspire experts, professionals, decision-makers, and enthusiasts from diverse fields and industries, offering a prime opportunity to acquire knowledge on how immersive technologies can enhance businesses and keep you ahead of the competition.