Anita Abaisa Speaker

Meet Anita Abaisa, a social entrepreneur with an unyielding commitment to societal equity. Fueled by an passion for social entrepreneurship, she spearheads initiatives that elevate marginalized communities and bolster their socio-economic postion.She is crafting tech solutions that celebrate diversity, champion equality, and embrace inclusivity. As the driving force behind IBias VR, Anita ensures that her collaborations yield tangible results.With a background in account management, positive psychology, and Learning & Development, Anita tackles complex challenges, effecting transformative change. She is the driving force behind Europe’s largest network of Black women, Black Ladies Talk and Gladiator Academy, bridging education and the job market by empowering professionals with vital life skills. Anita’s mission is to disrupt the status quo and shape a world where diversity, inclusion, and equality form the foundation of our society.