Babette Wijntjes Speaker

Cassette is an independent film company and Virtual Reality publisher in the Benelux, founded by Babette Wijntjes. Cassette connects creativity from independent artists in motion pictures and immersive experiences with fans and new audiences across the Benelux. Our films and immersive experiences tell their mesmerising stories through the power of imagery. Stories flow. We distribute them.Research & DevelopmentAt Cassette, we also focus on research and development on a practical level. In November 2022, we released a research report: ‘Survey on distribution of immersive media in the Netherlands.And on 22 December 2022 we launched Nu:Reality. This VR project is the first ever to showcase artistic VR pieces on a daily base at cinema locations in the Netherlands. Vedette In October 2021, Cassette joined forces with Picl | Herrie Film & TV to found the only Dutch all female-led distribution company Vedette. With titles like Drijfzand, Piccolo Corpo, La Mif, Close and Alma V