Blies Brothers

Nicolas Blies and St├ęphane Hueber-Blies (Blies brothers) are two filmmakers and digital artists who create their works together. In 2011 they cofounded the production company aBAHN. They produced, some of the most acclaimed XR piece of work around the world such as VR films like “7 Lives” by Jan Kounen (Tribeca Film Festival), “Cosmos Within Us” by Tupac Martir (2019, Mostra di Venezia Film Festival) or “Ayahuasca” by Jan Kounen (Tribeca). aBAHN has also currently several XR projects in production, especially the ambitious touring immersive experience “Sweet Dreams” in coproduction with Marshmallow Laser Feast, London and PHI Center in Montreal. As Filmmakers, in 2019, they wrote and directed their first feature film Zero Impunity (Thessaloniki IFF, Annecy Animation IFF, Mostra Sao Paulo, Palm Springs IFF or Guadalajara IFF…). They are currently developing “Ceci est mon coeur”, an ambitious immersive work coproduced by Centre PHI and “Caravanes” their first feature film.