Cecilia Lascialfari Speaker

“Cecilia Lascialfari is the Founder of Area6DoF.com, an online journal. She is recognized as an Expert Generalist and Creative Strategist Technologist with a specialization in Art and Technology, including AR, VR, AI, and a particular focus on Artificial Intelligence Research, especially in the field of AI-generated images. Alongside her technological expertise, she is also an accomplished artist, photographer, videomaker, community manager, and International Journalist.

Cecilia is the driving force behind the organization of the AWE Nite Florence event and serves as the Italian Representative for Artivive, an Augmented Reality platform for Art based in Vienna, Austria. Notably, she has spearheaded the “”Flying Into The Metaverse Through Books & Culture”” project, a compelling series of interviews with prominent figures in the XR industry.

Additionally, Cecilia has earned membership in the AIxIA, the “”Italian Association for Artificial Intelligence.”” She is actively engaged in teaching Artificial Intelligence to students of Painting Methodologies at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, an esteemed Italian university.”