Christos Stentoumis Speaker

Christos Stentoumis is a Co-founder and Director of the up2metric private company specializing in computer vision AI software solutions. In addition, he is an adjunct professor at the University of West Attica in Athens, Greece. He likes to pursue new projects that put scientific excellence in service of people’s everyday lives, and he has cofounded up2metric to transfer novel technologies to the market. He has ten years of expertise in RnD projects working alongside researchers across different domains and ICT professionals. He spends tireless energy building new concepts and educating and inspiring fellow employees to succeed while leading innovative commercial and research projects. Dr. Stentoumis graduated from the National Technical University of Athens, and his Ph.D. thesis was on the intersection of Photogrammetry and Computer Vision on the topic of dense stereo scene reconstruction from images. His interests lie in geometric computer vision and its application across sectors.