Dana-Maria Faneker

Dana-Maria the Founder of tech-startup CaptainVR, worked as a sailor on big traditional sailing ships. In 2006 she had a life-changing experience during a three-day personal development seminar. At that moment she felt for the first time that she was the captain of her own life. Here she began her mission: she wanted others to have the same experience of life and started her coaching career. By applying certain coaching and meditation techniques to herself and others for years, she specialized in recognizing, regulating, and reducing certain forms of stress. This knowledge has proved to be of great value to people and organizations with whom she collaborates.

CaptainVR’s mission is to develop immersive XR coaching experiences. To ‘Boost’ people so they can practice, learn, and develop in a safe, fun, and interactive environment. By developing experiences in which people are confronted with situations that cause stress or fear or by confronting people with their goals and dreams, people are given the opportunity to take control of their lives. So they can become the captains of their lives & realize their full potential.

Be the Captain of your Life!