Emmanuella Michel Speaker

Emmanuella Michel, PhD, is a Canadian trailblazer with over 15 years of expertise in the Health and Social Services sector, specialising in propelling innovative initiatives. Currently a Ph.D. (c) in Educational Technology, her research revolves around harnessing virtual reality to engage underachieving students.In 2019-2020, Mrs. Michel was chosen as one of 100 global content developers for the Oculus Launchpad Bootcamp, culminating in the development of The Cogni® Platform. This immersive AI-powered practice management solution aids mental health service providers with self-guided wellness resources and therapist-guided 3D exposure therapy, addressing issues like anxiety, trauma and more.Beyond her visionary pursuits, Mrs. Michel is a recognized leader, earning honors such as The Women Included-Inspirational Woman Award and the Lucie Samson Scholarship for her commitment to environmental education and sustainable development to name a few.