Harmen van Sprang

Harmen van Sprang is the co-founder of two wonderful teenage daughters. Seeing them grow up in this decisive decade, it’s his main motivation is to do everything he (and we) can to fix the future of this next generation.

As the co-founder and CEO of the Sharing Cities Alliance, Harmen works with conscious and committed urban changemakers from leading cities across the world. Together they source, share and scale cutting-edge solutions to accelerate towards more innovative, equitable and sustainable communities and cities.

With his agency Sentience he also helps business sense, see and make the change that’s needed to guarantee a bright future for the generations ahead.

Since early 2022, Harmen also leads a program called ‘Metaverse & The City’, involving both cities and companies from around the world to explore how the metaverse affects the way we live, work and play and what this emerging phenomenon means for our citizens and/or clients.