Janneke Staarink

Janneke Staarink started her career in the events and television industry. After 8 years of tv productions, she worked as the business director and general director for the landscape arts festival ‘Oerol’ on the island of Terschelling.From 2010 onwards, Staarink was managing director of International Film Festival Rotterdam, one of the great international festivals for independent cinema and one of the largest public events in The Netherlands.She has been the director of the Doelen Concert and congres centre in Rotterdam since September 2018. De Doelen is like a city that never sleeps. For more than half a century it has played a leading role in the cultural life of Rotterdam and way beyond. De Doelen has a clear vision for its future; to be a lively institute looking to connect with the city and its people, now more than ever. A place for all Rotterdammers to meet and have fun. From classical music lovers and other culture buffs to pop fans. From children and millennials to boom.