Joris Weijdom Speaker

Joris Weijdom is a researcher and designer of mixed-reality experiences focusing on interdisciplinary creative processes and performativity. He designs site-specific performative MR installations and is involved as a technical dramaturge in many other interdisciplinary projects. He talks about embodiment and presence in performative mixed reality experience design, such as in the Transmedia Arts seminar of the Mahindra Centre of Harvard University. He works at the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht, where he currently leads the HKU Artistic Extended Reality Lab (AXRLab) as an associate professor and teaches several BA and MA courses. As part of his PhD project, Joris researches creative processes in collaborative mixed reality environments (CMRE) in collaboration with the University of Twente. In this study, he explores Social VR platforms with a CMRE approach for interdisciplinary creative collaborations through embodied design techniques in professional and educational settings.