Margherita Landi

Choreographer, dancer, media artist, graduated in Cultural Anthropology.From 2010 her artistic work began to focus on practical studies on perception and attention in dance improvisation, and then from 2014 it was extended to a reflection on the body and technology, on the transformation of rituals and the emotional process implemented by digital interaction. In recent years she has focused on VR for the embodiment potential that this technology offers, studying choreographic transmission techniques through the VR headset.Among her projects are “Dance for Smartphone”, “The Vulnerable Technology Inside of us”, “Improvisation in dance as a liminal space”, “The world behind us”, and “P2P, new forms of lack in the digital age”. She has worked for various artists: Iraqi Bodies, Makiko Ito, Katie Duck,Yumiko Yoshioka, Company Blu, Zoya Sardhashti, Virgilio Sieni, Silvia Gribaudi, and TSKrypton. Her project “Peaceful Places” won the Auggie Award 2021 as Best Art.