Sieta van Horck Speaker

Sieta van Horck (1992) is a project manager in the V2_ lab. Projects she guides include a wide range of artworks and exhibitions, hosting the Critical AI meetups, the Summer Sessions network for Talent Development. Sieta is part of the Slow reading Group focussing on AI and gender inequality as well as the Holistic Technology Salon, exploring how to integrate eco- and carecentric perspectives into our relationship with contemporary and future technologies through direct experience.She holds a BA in Digital Media and Culture and MSc in Media Technology, is a yoga teacher and communication trainer within the field of Authentic Relating. As a multidisciplinary artist, she works at the intersection of ecology, technology and somatics. In her installations, gatherings, retreats and rituals she combines emerging science with ancient wisdom to explore the shift from the age of Newtonian physics to the new paradigm of interbeing and supports the natural process of expanding conscious.