Sylvie Dijkstra Speaker

Dr. Sylvie Dijkstra-Soudarissanane is a Senior Scientist at TNO. For the past 9 years at TNO, Sylvie focuses her research and expertise on network based XR media processing, which involves networking aspects not only such as 5G/6G, SDN/NFV, edge/cloud computing; but also, 3D volumetric media processing such as point clouds and light field. She has led several international research and cooperation projects in the domain of XR immersive technologies, bringing forward her technical knowledge and vision to reach impactful deliverables.
Sylvie holds a PhD degree from TU Delft in the domain of XR volumetric content, a MSc from Chalmers UT in Digital Communications and Space Sciences, and a MSc from ESIEE Paris in Telecommunication and Signal Processing.