1991 Project

Room Scale Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Installation, Documentary

1991 is an interactive VR documentary about Post-Soviet trauma and healing. The immersive experience reveals memories that unveil the complexities of daily life of a family in Turkmenistan after the collapse of the USSR.

Through immersive storytelling and personal testimony, 1991 creates a space for reflection and dialogue on the issues of mental health stigma and the effects of political upheaval while bringing visibility to the struggles of those who continue to be affected by the collapse of the USSR.

  • Akmyrat Tuyliyev: Creator, Co-Director
  • Christina Elizabeth Borins: Co-Director
  • Matthew Niederhauser: Producer, Sensorium, ONX Studio
  • John Fitzgerald: Producer, Sensorium, ONX Studio
  • Joanne Popińska: Co-Producer, Infinity Frame Media
  • Tom C. Hall: Co-Producer, Infinity Frame Media