A Love Letter Project

VR with 3DOF

A Love Letter is more than an experience; it’s a movement, a redefinition of storytelling through fashion, celebrating women as muses and warriors. It merges myth with haute couture in a new cultural expression, using technology as a digital canvas for a future where art is an immersive, felt experience.

Key Team Members:

Director & Screenwriter: VICTORIA BOUSIS, Producer: VICTORIA BOUSIS, Lead Level Design & Environmental Art: ALEXANDROS DEMETRIADES, Lead Character Sculpt: AGGELOS GKANARIS, MOURAD EL-HERFA,, Cinematic & Animation: GEORGE ZEKOS, Creative Direction & Game Design: VICTORIA BOUSIS, Graphic Artist: KOSTIS KERETIS, Jr. Programming & Optimization: IASSONAS GRANITSIOTIS, Motion Capture & Retargeting: YIANNIS ANGOURI, Original Score & Music: NEFELOPETRA, Production Coordination: GEORGE KOURGIAS, Outreach Coordination: ELINA NASTOS, Communication: NEFELI MOUTSIOU