A Passage to the Past Project

Location-based mixed reality (MR) experience

‘Passage to the past’ is a location-based mixed reality (MR) experience that uses the newest AI technology to bring the history of the Second World War back to life with the aim of educating younger generations.

Based on the results of a recently conducted study on Holocaust awareness in the Netherlands (Netherlands Holocaust Knowledge and Awareness Survey, January 25, 2023), the lack of awareness about key aspects of the Holocaust among younger generations is concerning. Passage to the Past aims to address this matter by taking its participants back in time and letting them interact with history like never before. Based on the results of the survey, this immersive experience is primarily to encourage younger generations (Gen Z) to engage with historical and cultural events, as well as to foster a deeper understanding of the Second World War.

  • Sammie de Vries: Creative director and screenwriter
  • Kuba Jekiel: Architect & environment designer J
  • oelle Galloni: Developer and designer
  • Mila Moleman: Creative producer
  • Eszter Novák: Assistant producer