A vertical sigh Project

Installation/Film (the dramaturgical presentation will differ from each)

12 eyes, 12 ears and 6 souls gather around a final weapon in an isolated field, contemplating an ethical, social, and political dilemma while tracing the trajectory of “a vertical sigh” to a half-moon sky bursting with climactic fireworks.

A lone blue eye peers through a leafy gap, watching five experts debate a final weapon. Captured by a man, the view shifts to the weapon, encompassing the five and a soldier’s mother. This all-seeing perspective then ascends skyward, culminating in a firework-filled sky.

  • Director: Akio Yuguchi
  • Producer: Jay Oyster (Rotterdam-based artist/producer)
  • Illustrator: Misa Nishihara
  • Disarmament specialist: Shun Oshita (Associate Professor at Waseda University on nuclear disarmament and international law)
  • Advisor: Aleksey Lapin (a filmmaker and a war witness in Ukraine)