Departure Lounge Project

Narrative-driven stand-alone Virtual Reality experience accompanied by a scientifically-informed Augmented Reality component on a mobile platform

Departure Lounge combines VR and AR technologies to deliver a futuristic experience exploring climate change’s impact on your immediate environment.

A collaboration between XR professionals and the University of the Arts London, it’s an event in two sequential parts; The VR component immerses users in a haunting future world, in which their own hometowns have been ravaged by the worst excesses of global warming. It is an uncompromising story that delivers a shocking punch. The subsequent AR component offers agency over that future, empowering users to affect positive change, and providing a climate change toolkit to shape a better future.

  • Ana-Despina Tudor – producer
  • Klaus Fried – writer and creative director
  • Luke Losey – creative director
  • Tim Harrison – sound designer