Diary of a shapeshifter Project

12-20 minutes 6DoF

Haunted by a shadow casted by fear an artist faces surreal manifestations of his subconscious mind. The artist finds himself in despair, lacking inspiration and faith in his art. An external pressure to perform and the internal need to please drive him crazy. With an omnipresent audience, fear of exposure and light obsession of Sisyphus the artist becomes a shapeshifter, changes color to fit in and blends into his environment. In his existential crisis the artist is imprisoned in worlds of his mind that he tries to escape, through imaginary spaces. A dance between meaningful and meaningless, rational and irrational, conscious and subconscious. Everything seems senseless in the bigger picture, an image he’s trying to create.

Creative Direction, Production & Development – Vincent Boon
Music & Sound Design – Efthymios Stavropoulos
Narration – Rodolfo Stornfelt
Violin – Burcu Ramazanoglu
3D Animation- José Santana
Assitant Asset Creation – Ash Derenkova