Eurydice, a descent into infinity Project

Eurydice’s hypnotic singing draws you deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of walkways, beyond which dizzying depths and vistas open up. You make a solitary journey to an in-between space, between matter and eternity, in which time fades and the laws of space become obsolete.

Concept and direction: Celine Daemen Virtual Art Direction: Aron Fels Composition: Kate Moore Sound Design and Composition: Wouter Snoei Libretto: Charlotte Van den Broeck Vocals: Sterre Konijn
Modeling Assets: Yannick Verweij Assistant VR Design: Eline Oppewal and Tommy Jansen
FX: Cyriel Verkuijlen Technical Development: Malou Minkjan
Project Guidance: Jan Van den Bossche Producer and Tour Manager: Isha Plug
Translation Libretto: David McKay This project is a co-production of Studio Nergens, Silbersee and VIA ZUID.