From The Main Square Project

19-24 minutes 6DoF

A compact illustration of social disruption. A civilization blossoms, with all its contradictions, only to become a danger to itself. Encircling a central square, a new town emerges in all its diversity. A crossroad of stories, buildings, hopes, and conflicts. Social ties and cultures take root. People nurture sympathy and care for their equals, but also animosity towards those who are different. It doesn’t take long for an ‘us versus them’ atmosphere to take over. ‘From The Main Square’ is an interactive VR experience that invites the viewer to witness the rise and fall of a divided society.

Animators: Samuel Patthey, Sophia Schönborn, André Correia
Art Directors: Dani Eizirik, Paulo Lange
Sound: Oscar Galimberti
Music: Marcus Sander & Justin Robinson
Script: Angenlina Urbanczyk, Pedro Harres, Rafael Loss
Producer: Lorena Junghans
Programmers: Marius Morhard, David Schornsheim, Douglas Rachevsky, Theo Galland
Production Company: Film Universitity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf