Gaudi, the Atelier of the Divine Project

16 minutes VR with 6DOF

1926. Feeling death approaching, a weakened Gaudí invites his new disciples to visit his Atelier, where they will gain a deeper understanding of his work and contribute to bringing his vision to life.

Slipping into the costume of a disciple and guided by the voice of Gaudí himself, the user will be immersed in the architect’s extraordinary mind, his revolutionary working method and his abundant universe. Visitors will understand Gaudi and, eventually, be able to continue his work and pursue his dream of completing the monument to which he dedicated his life: the Sagrada Familia.

Key Creators and Producers:

Directors and writers : Stéphane Landowski et Gaël Cabouat

A GEDEON Experiences and Small Creative coproduction with the participation of NHK