I Pity the Garden Project

20 minutes 6DoF

I Pity the Garden is an immersive artwork about a premonition of the end. Through the VR experience, the viewer is led into a realm of magical realism within the Anthropocene Epoch. I Pity the Garden is an observation on the signs marking the end. The central scene of the VR experience is a garden of extinct plants – The Ghosts Garden. This ecological crisis, in real life and represented here in VR, is one of the signs of the end.

The setting is similar to an abandoned video game where no human is visible. Only traces, irreversible mistakes, and wounds in the earth can be seen. It is a poetic work that employs the technological age’s language to speak about the end and the beginning.

Artists: Mariam Natroshvili and Detu Jincharadze;
CTO: Alex Lashkhi, StormBringer Studios OÜ
Sound Designer: Davit Khorbaladze
Scientific Advisor: Rafaël Govaerts