Immortelle Project

13 minutes 6DoF

Immortelle is an atmospheric and figurative 6DOF work illustrating the flights and falls of psychological endurance. The viewer travels through different scenes and seasons, paves through evocative empty structures, wades through waves and mountain peaks, encounters a presence in a vacuum. Immortelle evokes how visceral perceptions of our environment mirror our own transformations, showing both the softer and fiery sides of a fighter spirit.

Line Katcho is a Canadian composer and audiovisual artist primarily interested in sound and image as demonstrations of kinetic matter, leaving the viewer charged yet liberated.

Producer: MUTEK
Idea: Line Katcho
Musical and visual conception: Line Katcho
Technical Support: Guillaume Bourassa
Unity Programmer: Fernando Alexis Franco Murillo
Audio Consultant: Julien-Robert L├ęgault Salvail
Visual Consultant: Allison Moore