Kingdom of Plants Project

17 minutes VR180 3DOF

Welcome to a strange and dangerous world: the Kingdom of Plants. For the first time, immerse yourself in the otherwise hidden lives of plants in Virtual Reality. Follow David Attenborough deep into this savage world and witness together the desperate battles, the beauty, and the sacrifices plants make to ensure the survival of their species. Experience the world in plant time, at plant scale, through time-lapse sequences, spectacular macro cinematography and the stunning quality 8K 3D 60fps footage. In continuation of the landmark TV production David Attenborough’s Kingdom of Plants, comes this breathtaking three-part immersive series that reveals the perils and drama of the plant world.

Iona McEwan – director
Lou Doye – producer
Anthony Geffen – executive producer
Eric Cheng – executive producer
Richard Lester – editor
Oliver Kadel – sound design
David Attenborough – narrator