Lumen Project


Lumen is a coming-of-age fantastic story about the need to find a path in life. The story is metaphorically based on the moment when we grow up and must separate ourselves from the comfort zone that childhood represents.
Lumen wakes up in a dark cave full of ancient symbols. One day, the cave collapses and Lumen strives to get out to save himself, discovering on the surface a desertic universe inhabited by other luminous beings. From then on, Lumen starts a long journey to understand not only its life’s origin but also its destiny.

We want to emphasise the importance of the emotional and moral inheritance we receive from our ancestors. One of the main concepts in the story is altruism. We believe it is necessary to perform generous actions without expecting anything in return in the present to experience true fulfilment.

  • Enric Sant: Co-Founder, Game Director, Art Director
  • Maria BurguĂ©s: Co-Founder, Executive Producer, Screenwriter
  • Julio A. Serrano: Screenwriter