Nordic Glaciers: Frozen in Time Project

Fulldome, Interactive VR

What did Europe’s glaciers look like a century ago? In our story, a family of glaciologists travel back in time to find out – inviting today’s students to tag along and see the impact of climate change for themselves. Using high-tech 3D workflows to bring 100 year-old archive images to life in 3D, we’re making an immersive fulldome film and an interactive VR experience.

With “Nordic Glaciers” we want to create a mesmerising odyssey back in time. A cinematic experience produced for fulldome cinema and interactive VR. We blend natural history, captivating visuals, and urgent scientific facts about climate change to kindle a collective commitment to understand and protect these melting chronicles of time.

  • Martin Edström, Director, IVAR Studios
  • Fredrik Edström, Producer, IVAR Studios
  • Erik Schytt Mannerfelt, Scientific Advisor, University of Oslo