Novobeing Project

Novobeing is a virtual reality platform that enhances mental well-being through immersive experiences. It combines established evidence-based techniques such as meditation, breathwork, and stress management with engaging VR environments to transform traditional well-being practices into dynamic and fascinating journeys.

Novobeing is addressing the growing mental health crisis by leveraging immersive technology to offer engaging and clinically-backed well-being experiences, providing effective stress reduction and emotional support to individuals and organisations.

  • Sid Desai – CEO at Novobeing
  • Nik Vassev – CMO at Novobeing
  • Mitya Sorkin – creative director at Feeling Digital & Novobeing
  • Pavel Lukashevich – head of production at Feeling Digital & Novobeing
  • Timur Abdrakhimov – technical director at Feeling Digital & Novobeing
  • Kate Tarkan – art director at Feeling Digital & Novobeing
  • Pavel Matskevich – lead developer at Feeling Digital & Novobeing