The Choice Project

26 minutes 6DoF

The Choice is a virtual reality experience that lets us see from a different perspective the emotional and complex nature behind one woman’s choice.

Meet Kristen, a young Indigenous woman from Austin, TX, who dreams of raising a family but instead finds herself facing a dehumanizing system working against her survival.

The Choice blends techniques from traditional documentary storytelling, volumetric video capture, and animation to redefine not only how we tell these women’s stories but also the agency in which the audience experiences them and connects with the subject on a deep, emotional level.

Director, Producer: Joanne Popinska
DOP, Producer: Tom C. Hall
Illustrator: Zoe Roellin
Composer: Janal Bechthold
Sound designer: Michael J. Brinkman
Dialogue editor: Ryan Cota
Lead Software Engineer: Becca Little
Unity Developer: Hannah Estes
Associate Producer: Ada Vaughan
Associate Producer: Sönke Kirchhof
Production: Infinite Frame Media