The Great Escape (of three geraniums) Project

Interactive narrative VR experience

Standing on a windowsill, three geraniums spend their days complaining about the sheer dullness of their life.They are joined by their owner Patrick, who is just as much stuck in his monotonous life. He is, however, the only individual in the room with legs, so he just might be the key for the geraniums to break out of this immobile prison and escape towards a glorious and free future.

The Great Escape (of three geraniums) is a comical, but existential VR experience, providing the occasional laugh to its player, but leaving room in between to showcase the beauty found in the ordinary flow of life, asking its participants to discover meaning and appreciation within the confines of an unremarkable setting.

  • Director: Joren Vandenbroucke
  • Producer: Brecht Van Elslande
  • Executive producer: Laure Van Medegael
  • Technical support: Oisoi
  • Background artist: Andreea Ciora
  • Sound design: Greg Scheirlinckx