The Tarot Experience VR Project

20 minutes VR with 6DOF

This is a story about you. A heroic journey to remember who you really are… the lead character in your very own story… about you! Afterwards life may never be the same again…

Journey with the power of VR and your intention to the imaginal realm of the Tarot archetypes. The cards have a message for you, but you must go alone… no Tarot readers needed here! The Tarot Experience VR is a unique ‘second person’ VR experience that asks you to bring yourself into the game. Powered by a unique True Random Number Generator, The Tarot Experience VR is connected to nature, your nature, and brings a whole new level of interactivity to VR.

Creators and Producers:

Creative Director and Executive Producer: Adam J. Malone – Creative Developer and Designer (Alpha): Jose E. Montemayor Alba – Music: Jake Basten, Josh Shepherd – Sound Design: Jake Basten – Narration Voiceover and Writing: Daisy Eris Campbell – Audio Engineer: Matthew Clyma Gooderson – Tarot Card Artist: Dan Johnson – Programming: Jake Basten, Jose E. Montemayor Alba