“UFO” Transformative VR Project Project

Interactive VR Film (series, installation)

“UFO”. A transcendent mockumentary VR series, exploring profound encounters with extraterrestrial beings, delving into universal themes, and connecting people in a shared quest for meaning.

“UFO” is a transcendent mockumentary VR series, featuring nine individuals from diverse corners of the globe sharing their personal encounters with extraterrestrial beings through intimate interviews. Delving into themes like “Silence,” “Safety,” “Interpenetration,” “Simplicity,” “Gratitude,” “Childhood and the World,” “Peace in Me,” “God,” “Life,” and “Home,” the project unveils the profound, sacred impact of these experiences.

  • Ivan Vyrypaev, Playwright, director, producer (Teal House, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Oleg Nikolaenko, VR director, producer (AXiiO VR Studio, Espoo, Finland)
  • Dan Bakalin, VR developer (AXiiO VR Studio, Espoo, Finland)
  • Mitya Sorkin, XR Experience Designer (Feeling Visual, Warsaw, Poland)
  • Nikk Mitchell, VR filmmaker (FXG, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China)