Uncanny Alley Project

45-60 minutes exploration 6DoF

Uncanny Alley is a murky corner of the Metaverse that follows Gh0st, Glitch and other Metazins as they navigate their corner of the Metaverse. Gh0st has gone missing whilst working on systems to cross worlds. We follow the clues and revelations that uncover anexistence beyond what was thought possible, breaking the 4th wall. Revealing a glimpse of the Open Metaverse. Ultimately leading to you, the User, to continue down the rabbit holes that are opened to these new worlds.

Uncanny Alley is a virtual place that comments on various Metaverse themes and concepts inspired from the real world. The second part of this is available online at uncannyalley.io through Quest (VR) and web browser where we follow Gh0st as she explores new worlds.

Rick Treweek (MetaRick)