Tracks Creative Industries Friday, December 1st, 2023

Dive into topics such as virtual production, gaming, world building, funding opportunities, ethical considerations, media distribution, AI in art and storytelling, and the future of immersive experiences. Engage with experts, professionals, and enthusiasts as they share insights, discuss trends, and inspire new ideas within the ever-evolving landscape of the creative industries.

Audience: Creatives, researchers, practitioners, and enthusiasts working within the creative industries


  • Immersive Spaces, curated by Monique van Dusseldorp – Senior Programme Adviser, ITW
  • Building Future Worlds: Futurism as Activism, curated by Karen Palmer – Storyteller from the Future
  • Worldbuilding Workshop, led by Alex Mc Dowell – Creative Director & Co-Founder, Experimental Design
  • Gaming, organised by ICEX
  • Creative Europe funded VR Projects, curated by Andrea Posthuma – Advisor MEDIA,Creative Europe Desk NL | DutchCulture
  • F*CK Immersion_ But What’s Next?, curated by Ulrich Schrauth – Artistic Director, VRHAM! Festival Virtual Reality & Arts
  • (New) Media Distribution, curated by Sönke Kirchhof – CEO/Executive Producer, INVR.SPACE GmbH
  • The future of Immersive: A collection of Dutch XR Projects, curated by Suzanne Visser – Board Member, Dutch Digital Design
  • Creator’s Lab Presentations, curated by StudioBiscoe, in collaboration with Société des arts technologiques (Montreal) and members of the Trans Realities Lab of Design Academy Eindhoven
  • ’AI impacting production and creative workflows’’  A fishbowl conversation, hosted by Creative Europe Desk Italy MEDIA in collaboration with the Creative Europe Desks Denmark, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Portugal, Sweden and the Netherlands


Timmy Ghiurau

Innovation Leader at Volvo Cars, and Co-foudner at The point Labs

Track Partners

Dutch Digital Design


EIT Culture and Creativity

Creative Europe Desk Netherlands

Creative Europe Desk Luxemborg

Design Academy Eindhoven

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