Tracks Education Wednesday, November 29th, 2023

Education track explores the remarkable advancements and limitless potential of immersive technologies enhanced by AI in the field of education and training. Immersive technologies and AI offer unprecedented opportunities to create immersive and engaging learning environments. Throughout this track, participants will dive deep into the applications and possibilities of immersive tech, uncovering innovative ways to captivate learners and enhance knowledge retention.

Audience: Teachers, education professionals, researchers, industry professionals



  • Responsible XR: Design aligned with public values, curated by David Regeczi – Lead Consultant Digital Society, TNO | Isabel De Peuter-Rutten – President, Euromersive | Mariette van Huijstee – Coordinator, Rathenau Instituut | Sylvie Dijkstra – Lead Scientist, TNO


Track Partners

Hogeschool Rotterdam



Immersive Learning Research Network

IT Campus Rotterdam

STC Group

Netwerk Mediawijsheid

Church of VR

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