VOXReality Voice-driven interaction in XR spaces

VOXReality is an ambitious initiative that aims to disrupt the European Extended Reality ecosystem by using AI technologies to create multi-modal XR experiences combining vision and sound. The consortium is formed by 10 industry leaders from 5 European countries (Italy, Greece, Netherlands, Germany, and Ireland).

The initiative, funded by the European Commission, brings together the key partners to tackle the great challenge of innovation. The consortium includes high profile representatives from research and academic institutions, end-users, industry innovators and social XR experts.

Open Call

VOXReality will support a minimum of 5 external institutions as beneficiaries throughout a 1-year programme to extend application domains, providing with 200K EUR equity-free funding. The goal is to integrate VOXReality models into new XR applications, thus advancing immersive experiences across various sectors.

VOXReality Open Call

Collaboration opportunities for industry startups, SMEs, and researchers. Deadline: 5th June 2024, 17:00 CEST