XR Performance Where Technology Meets Art

We are proud our founding partner, de Doelen, has curated an extraordinary XR performance, set to take place during Immersive Tech Week. Prepare to be captivated by “Songs for a Passerby,” a mesmerizing piece directed by Celine Daemen.

To de Doelen


How does one relate to a world of things that are passing? Are we a part of it? Or are we just looking at it? And what about the body – is it something that we are or that we have? There is an ambivalence here that prompts the question: could this be the origin of all melancholy?

In Songs for a Passerby you will autonomously walk through a musical dreamscape shown in a VR headset. You are following your own 3D mirror image and on the way you will pass by various scenes: a dying horse, a choir of murmuring people, two playing dogs.

For more information, dates and tickets please visit de Doelen website.

Please note this XR performance is not part or the Immersive Tech Week programme and requires seperate ticketing. ITW passes do not provide access to this performance at any time.

To de Doelen